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A family owned, fully licensed and insured establishment, that offers you a safe, simple & trouble-free solution to selling your unwanted Gold and Silver Jewelry. It has built its stellar reputation off our great customer service, coupled with nearly 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry.

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We are open: Mon - Fri: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM | Sat: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Closed from 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM every Friday and All Day Sunday).
Contact us via or 480-398-3249.

What We Buy

Experience this for yourself - bring your unwanted, broken or mismatched gold and silver items, and you will not be disappointed! We buy Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds, Coins and anything with precious metals.
Maximize your payout with us!

Gold Jewelry - Any Karat

Diamond Jewelry

Native American Jewelry

Silver Jewelry

Coins & Bullions

Watches - Gold & Silver

About Us

Sell Us Your Gold has built its stellar reputation off our great customer service, coupled with nearly 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry. We provide the best possible pricing on the market, and adjust our pricing according to the market. Come and experience for yourself - you will not be disappointed!

Every location of Sell Us Your Gold is handled by jewelry industry veterans, who have a great deal of expertise and integrity - and will maximize your value as the customer.

The reason customers keep coming back to us is simple:

Sell Us Your Gold believes in providing a safe and professional environment for our customers. Rather than going to a store where their items are not tested in front of them - Sell Us Your Gold makes our customers part of the process. We explain step-by-step the testing process and ensure that our customers feel comfortable throughout.

Many times, our customers unknowingly bring in items that are not real gold. Some shops make the customer feel guilty or brush off customers who bring in items that are not gold and silver. At Sell Us Your Gold, we treat our customers with respect and dignity - many customers who may have brought in non-gold or non-silver items have returned with piles of real gold and silver items after we have explained the process on what to look for.

At Sell Us Your Gold, we are here to bring a long-term business relationship with our customers, rather than a one-time transaction. We educate our customers on the gold market and what causes fluctuations - all with the goal of building a trusting relationship and a more savvy consumer.

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Exceeding Customer Expectations by almost 20 Times! - Sometimes, people don't know what to expect when coming in to sell gold for the first time. Take this customer experience from the past few days:

A customer came in and dumped out a bag of what appeared to be just scrap, possibly costume jewelry. "My friend referred me to you all, and said you guys gave her a great experience - so I wanted to try it out." - she said. Then we began to test our newly referred customer's items and explain the whole process to her. When the process was over - literally less than 5 minutes - We gave her the total: $550 - for her broken, scrap and unwanted items. Her mouth hung open for what seemed like 5 minutes! "Oh my gosh, you're gonna give me $550 for this junk?" Our associate asked how much she was expecting - "No more than $30!" she exclaimed.

Once again, Sell Us Your Gold has defied the customer expectations - this time by almost 20 times! By coming into one of our offices, you are assured that you will receive prices according to market conditions - we ensure that each customer is treated fairly and with optimal value.

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